Almondell Country Park

Almondell Country Park

Almondell Country Park is one of my favourite places. Not just because it sounds very Lord of the Rings! Just to the west of Edinburgh, and hidden in the valley of the River Almond in West Lothian, the Almondell Country Park is 97 acres of unspoilt woodland, meandering paths and spectacular views. It is beautiful whatever time of the year you visit. Although autumn at Almondell is something rather special. The colours are quite spectacular!

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Almondell Country Park 3

Almondell Country Park 2

Almondell Country Park 1

This year feels like it has got away from me. Summer is over, Christmas on its way. If you are anything like me, you need time to stop and breathe once in a while. I think that’s why I have to get outside. Time to walk. To think. To find space away from writing, talking, debating, arguing, cooking, cleaning, trying to sleep, trying to be a good friend. Time away from trying. Time to just enjoy life. On days like this, it’s better to think about blue skies and a happy future.  Take time to just enjoy everything that autumn in Scotland has to offer.

So that is exactly what I’ve been doing. Hope you are all well?

Love from, Scotland x

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