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Love from Scotland editoral policy

Love from Scotland is the travel blog of writer and photographer Kate Hopper. All content and photography has been written or produced by me, Kate, for you, the reader and planner of trip to Scotland. There is no artificial advice about travelling around Scotland here! I tried AI once, never again.

I am originally from the north of England. However, I moved to Scotland in 1996 and I have spent the last 27 years obsessively travelling every part of this beautiful country – and by now I know it pretty well.

There are a few parts of Scotland I have not yet visited (like Shetland and Bute and a few of the smaller islands), and you won’t find any content on these places – as well, I haven’t visited. I only produce content on places I have visited as I believe in lived experience. I will direct you to good original content elsewhere I haven’t visited a place.

My editorial content is not influenced by advertisers. I do not accept paid posts which require me to use certain keywords or text.

I use Mediavine for my ads, they are a lovely company to work with but if the adds are too much or inappropriate let me know – although I can’t do anything about what you are searching for.

I use SEO techniques to help my site be found on the search engines and pray to the google gods that I am not hit with any updates. I do not like articles which use keyword stuffing myself, so I don’t do it.

All content on this site is regularly checked to see if it is still up to date, but please point out any factual errors (I can’t get things right 100% of the time) or if any links are broken or are redirecting to anything spammy. Please contact me with any problems!

I do work with businesses from time to time. Where links are affiliate or are part of a paid or complementary stay I will always disclose them. No disclosure? I paid for the trip or stay myself. I do a lot of this as I believe my site should be a good mix of promotional and real life. I do not sell links to SEO marketers for cash – I must get 10 emails a day and they are all for casinos.

All photography and videography on is original and has been produced by me unless otherwise annotated as being submitted to me for use on by another content creator. Like most content creators I use Adobe to edit my photos alongside other photo editing apps on my mobile phone. Again I do not use AI. This is what Scotland looks like. I am however pretty good at finding great weather.

This is a travel site so you won’t find any politics here. I do love history though and a lot of Scotland’s history is to do with politics so you can’t avoid it all together. However, I’d appreciate if you could avoid getting political in comments.

I am committed to producing an independent, original, and ultimately useful guide to visiting Scotland, I hope you enjoy it – and that you have a fabulous trip.

Kate @