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Where to eat seafood in Scotland

There isn’t a better takeaway than freshly cooked fish on the coast of Scotland. Here are my favourite places to eat amazing seafood in Scotland.

The Three Chimneys, Isle of Skye

For over 30 years the Three Chimneys has led the way as one of Scotland’s best restaurants. We travelled to Skye to check into The House Over By. Truly a Scotland bucket list destination.

Loch Bay, Isle of Skye

At first the village of Stein on the Isle of Skye seems little more than a street of whitewashed cottages, a traditional pub, an occasional view to the Western Isles, and a few battered palm trees – the village really is at the end of the road. Hidden down on the waterfront is Loch Bay Restaurant, the first solo venture of Chef Michael Bay and wife Laurence. Michael gained his first Michelin star for Skye’s (also rather remote) Three Chimneys in 2014, and, like his previous home, it takes time to get to Stein – it is at least…

How to have a Feast in Fife

Fife has truly made a name for itself as a foodie destination. Here my favourite ways to have a feast in Fife Scotland.

Edinburgh Restaurants

From where to grab a great plate of pasta on a Saturday lunch time, to the best hangover cure brunch and a fine dining experience you won’t forget, these are my favourite Edinburgh restaurants.

Ballintaggart Farm

Fancy learning to cook? Why not escape to the Scottish countryside for a cookery class at the luxurious Ballintaggart Farm in Highland Perthshire.

The Table, Edinburgh

With just two chefs and 10 seats, The Table, Edinburgh is is an intimate dining experience.

Edinburgh Gin Guide

With three home-grown gins made in the city and a plethora of specialist bars serving gin from across Scotland, Edinburgh is your perfect destination if you love gin.

Brunch in Edinburgh

Sunday afternoon in Edinburgh isn’t complete with a wander and then a relaxing (or hangover treatment) brunch. Prepare to get very hungry with 5 of my favourite spots for brunch in Edinburgh.

Pubs & Bars in Edinburgh

BEER! – That hopefully got your attention. I love beer. Whether you prefer ‘craft beer’ or ‘real ale’, beer is still beer, and something that Edinburgh does fantastically well – so to help you out here is my mini guide to Edinburgh craft beer and real ale pubs.