Culross in Fife

Culross in Fife

Located on the Firth of Forth,  12 miles west of the Forth Rail Bridge on the south-west coast of Fife, the Royal Burgh of Culross is one of Scotland’s best preserved 17th-century villages.

Why should you visit Culross?

1) Culross is one of the Outlander filming locations…

If you are a fan of OutlanderCulross (actually pronounced ‘coo-ris’ not ‘cull-ross’) is the base for the fictional village of Cranesmuir, where the buildings around the Mercat Cross square were painted blue for filming. Parts of the village, including the Palace, are now owned and managed by the National Trust for Scotland, who are doing a very good job indeed of keeping the village as a perfect snapshot of a 17th-century Scottish village, albeit one that has been modernised and cleaned up for the 20th century.

2) Culross Palace

Despite Culross proclaiming itself a royal burgh with its own Palace, no king or Queens has ever lived in Culross. The honour of the name actually comes from a descendant of Robert the Bruce; a wealthy local mine owner, known locally as Sir George. By developing a magical (well it was revolutionary at the time) under the Forth mining technology, he made rather a lot of money and built up the village you can still see today. The ‘Palace’ was his rather impressive home. King James IV, seeing taxes galore, promptly made the village a Royal burgh. 

Note – The Palace and Study are currently closed for winter, re-opening March 2018

3) This impressively hidden substation


There are few place in Scotland that don’t benefit from a little sunshine to brighten things up, but the village of Culross, in Fife is not one of them. This historic burgh seems to suits the winter weather, the characterful buildings and winding streets seem to hunker down against the lashing wind.

Love from, Scotland x

How to visit Culross

Getting to Culross by public transport

Catch the train to Dunfermline, where Stagecoach run buses that pass through the village (Numbers 71 and 78 depart from James Street in Dunfermline, whilst number 74 departs from Dunfermline bus station)

Where to eat in Culross

Toasties and soups are served at the Biscuit Cafe (above the Pottery Shop in the picture above). Food is also served at The Red Lion & at the Palace Cafe in summer.

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  1. 22/02/2016 / 6:31 pm

    I keep having to correct the pronunciation in my head every time I read the name, Smidge. 🙂 Funny how hard it is to dislodge habits. It’s a beautiful looking place and I’ll certainly pop in if I get up that way in the Summer. Thanks a lot for the share. 🙂

  2. 22/02/2016 / 8:40 pm

    Lovely post and great photos! My great-grandparents lived in Culross and I shamefully have only visited once. It’s right on my doorstep now so I have no excuse! Hope you’re well x

  3. 23/02/2016 / 2:15 pm

    I loooovee villages like that!! Your photos are soo pretty.
    I am a fan of Outlander haha great to know it was filmed also in Culross 😀 I hope to visit it someday!

    Thank you for linking up with #MondayEscapes 😀

  4. 24/02/2016 / 9:29 pm

    What a beautiful village, love the colour of the houses. I wonder what they are like inside? Great photos. Thanks very much for linking up to #MyFavouriteTrip Polly x

  5. justmeplease_travel
    07/03/2016 / 11:46 pm

    What a pretty little village. It looks very damp and cold!

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