Plan your trip

Planning your trip to Scotland?

From the best places to stay to a local’s guide to where to visit, here’s my advice on how to plan your trip to Scotland.

A local’s guide to Edinburgh

things to do in edinburgh

We all know how easy it to fall into the trap of visiting the ‘top ten’ places – here are my favourite things to do in Edinburgh.

Scotland’s most epic road trips

Scotland is one of the world’s best countries for road tripping. Planning your itinerary? Here are 10 incredible Scotland road trip routes to drive.

More fab places to stay in Scotland

log cabins in scotland

Looking for fab places to stay in Scotland? From a family farm stay to a quirky tree lodge, here are the best places to stay in Scotland.

Boutique & Luxury Hotels in Scotland

Where to stay on the North Coast 500 - luxury hotels in Scotland

From chic boutiques and country houses to the best five-star hotels, here are Love From Scotland’s favourite luxury hotels in Scotland. They have all been tried and tested by us, so you are guaranteed a truly fabulous place to stay in Scotland.

Best campsites in Scotland

From the Scottish Borders to the NC500 whether you prefer wild camping or glamping in a wildflower meadow here are my favourite campsites in Scotland.

Video Guide: Road Tripping

Scotland road trips

Road tripping in Scotland is not just about the North Coast 500. As part of BBC Scotland’s This is Life series, here is a video guide to three stunning alternative Scotland road trips you could do instead.

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