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How to climb Dumyat, Stirling

One of the most popular hills for beginners and families, Dumyat by Stirling has a great path to the top and is perfect for those new to hillwalking in Scotland. Here is how to climb Dumyat. 

How to climb Dumyat, Stirling

Dumyat hill or Dunmyat (pronounced like the gealic would be spoken – Dùn Mhèad – Dum-aye-at) is one my favourite wee hills in Scotland. Great for beginners, kids, pups and the whole family, a walk up the hill path is a great way to spend an afternoon, or evening. 

The smallest of the Ochills, with wonderful views reaching across The Ochils, Fife and Stirling, the Wallace Monument, Perthshire and the Lothians to much bigger hills beyond. At just 418 metres, the walk has one of the best views in Scotland for very little effort. 

…and as you can see a perfect first hill walk for Hugo the LFS pup!

Dumyat with dogs

There are two routes up – the hill path from Sheriffmuir and the Pendreich forestry car park or the steeper but shorter route from Blairlogie. The most popular route is the hill path which is a slow and steady climb up to the two summits – Castle Law and Dumyat hill. The walk is signposted from the Pendriech car park. 

On the top of Dumyat hill are a number of memorials – including one to the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and the famous cairn its beacon filled with stones. The beacon was commissioned for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977 and was lit as part of the celebration. 

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How long does it take to climb Dumyat hill?  

It will take around 2 hours to climb depending on your fitness. The hill path is the steadier climb of the two routes up the hill. 

Best time to climb Dumyat Stirling?

Dumyat is a good hill to climb at any time of the year. As with all hills, it is worth climbing on a good day for the views and you need specialist equipment in snow and ice. You can check the weather forecast for the Ochils: 

Dumyat view from cairn
Dumyat Stirling

Dumyat route maps

  • OS You will need Explorer 366: The Ochils and Stirling
  • Walkhighlands have a Dumyat Route Map

How hard is it to climb Dumyat?

Climbing Dumyat is an easier climb than most hills in Scotland, but it is always worth being prepared for bad weather with good shoes and wet weather gear. If you haven’t hill walked before, have a look at my beginners guide to hillwalking in Scotland

hills with dogs

How to get to Dumyat / parking at Dumyat

Dumyat is a very popular hill and on a good day spots at Sheriffmuir and the Pendreich forestry car park and at the start of the hill path fill up quickly. FK9 4LS is the nearest postcode for the car park.

Parking at the Pendreich car park is free.

There is also a car park at Blairlogie. Don’t park in the passing places if you can’t find a spot. The route up to the hill is a single track road and parking is in short supply. Hold ups and traffic jams are common, so go early or go late to miss the traffic!