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20 best things about Scotland (for when you can visit!)

20 best things about Scotland (for when you can visit!)

The 20 best things about moving to Scotland

Scotland is consistently voted one of the best places to visit in the world. But how about living here? Moving to Scotland I knew very little about the country – and now I have truly made it my home. As I am absolutely head over heels in love with Scotland here are my best things about living in Scotland.

1. Scotland might be a tiny country, but it has a very big heart

We beat our climate change promise 6 years early, voted for gay marriage, fight for multicultural social inclusion and respect our strong female leaders. Scotland has some of the most progressive politics, rights and laws in the world – and it makes me very proud.

2. The national dress is actually rather good

Whether you are a Skinny Malinky long legs or knobbly of the knee, the kilt turns a Scot into a ScotsMAN and it really does turn every lady slightly wobbly.

3. Scotland’s history drives its present

– and with the Scots’ proud and slightly obsessive wearing of the national dress at every available opportunity, it is celebrated too.

4. You get used to the Scottish weather

It’s either Taps Oan or Taps off. Mostly Taps Oan if I’m honest.

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5. You will have more fun at a Glasgow funeral than an Edinburgh wedding

The Scots love a party and if you have been to a Scottish wedding then you will know just how exceptionally crazy they can be.

6. Scotland’s natural history is utterly mind-blowing

From the highlands to the islands you can’t help being caught up in the drama of the landscape. Moving to Scotland means you will discover a photographer’s dream.

how to plan a road trip in Scotland

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7. You will love both the Scottish lilt and the labhairt

From the road signs to the way we name our mountains, the language is a huge part of what makes Scotland. There is even a day celebrating Scotland’s national poet – despite (although probably because of) Burns’ poetry was often about what he got up to in the bedroom.

8. The Scots have hundreds of words to describe being drunk

…blootered, stoating, steamin, jaked, trousered… ahem. Not that you will ever get stottin after moving to Scotland. Honest.

9. You know where you stand with a Scot

Everything and I mean, everything, shows right there on their faces.  There is no hiding their feelings, especially the bar staff if you are a wee bit pissed.

10. Scotland is a proud country – and so it should be

Wherever you go in Scotland, you will discover warmth and welcome – the Scots have such a passion for their country. I fell in love with the #scotspirit so much that I married one.

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11. Telling stories is in Scotland’s heart

From water nymphs to the Kelpies, to stone circles to the Fairy Flag of Dunvegan, and of course, Nessie – Scottish history is told through tales passed down through generations.

12. There is no way to prevent a midgie bite (if they like you)

There are a 101 ways to kill the wee beasties. Just choose your favourite, no one loves a midgie. I’d go for a flamethrower.

13. You can keep fit just by stepping outside

With two national parks, 282 Munros to climb, 30 long range walks, including the famous West Highland Way, you really don’t have any excuse.

Read more how to: climb a Munro

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14. Scottish food is weird but delicious

Scotland might produce some of the best food in the world from its seas, lochs and fields, but it is that orange hangover cure, square sausage, haggis, and deep-fried anything, that is really our favourite.

15. The beaches are out of this world

Forget the Caribbean instead Scotland has the world beating Sanna Bay, Sands Beach, Luskentyre and Sandwood Bay Beach. You can take your pick.

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16. Scotland has the best festivals

The Edinburgh Festival and its fringe might be famous worldwide, but Scotland’s festivals celebrate traditional music, its food and drink and even knitting! Most of them end up as a stramash. Even the knitting.

17. There are four national drinks

With over 300 whisky distilleries, 130 breweries and a plethora of gin producers, oh and Irn Bru. Whatever your tipple, you are sure of a fine hangover.

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18. The Scottish sense of humour goes way beyond banter and sarcasm.

I shall point you in the direction of hurricane bawbag… plus all this happened in Scotland and all this.

19. Scotland’s Highland Coos are the cutest

(even if like me, you are petrified of cows)

…and finally, let’s just admit it. Number 20. of the best things about Scotland?

20. It really is the perfect small country to make your home. 

Lots and lots of love, from Scotland x

Are you thinking of moving to Scotland? what are your favourite things about living in Scotland?

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